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Pretty Woman Shopping

This section is for my favorite pastime, shopping. I am often ignored in stores, but thank goodness I'm patient. Usually the right shopping professional comes along and gives me the VIP treatment all women deserve.

June brings weddings and graduations our way every year. There were no weddings on my calendar, but I did have 3 graduates to shop for. My go to gift for graduates is always the book, "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss. This year I was unprepared. I was fortunate enough to find greetings cards with the book theme. It was a lifesaver. I found these cards in the Walgreen's greeting card section. Walgreen's also has an amazing array of gift cards that are sure to bring a smile to any graduate's face.

Fortunately the O'Hare airport has great shopping for grounded passengers. I was able to find my statement gift while hot footing it through the third largest airport in the US. My nieces were thrilled to receive their books from auntie. I had more time to prepare for my third niece through marriage. While on my way to Barnes & Noble to buy the book yet again, I stumbled upon the Hallmark store. I had no idea Hallmark stores still existed. It is one of my favorite places on earth. I used to cut class and go to the Hallmark store to browse, waste time, and just dream of a happier life. Walking around in the store was a full circle moment for me. Everything one needs for special occasions can still be found there along with help from devoted associates.

After securing the book, my next stop was Tiffany & Co.. I love traveling, and I encourage it in the young people who look up to me. A passport holder makes for a great gift for high school graduates. My daughter was blessed to enjoy a 30-day European excursion. Traveling facilitates an expanded view of the world. An expanded view is crucial to life success. Since this is not the travel section of this blog, I'll end with my shopping tips.

Gift Library: If you don't have a gift library, now is a good time to create one. The end of a shopping season is the perfect time to prepare for the next one. Stock your gift library for the next 6 months of occasions, i.e., birthdays, anniversaries, hostess gifts, and thank you cards.

  1. Start small with a shelf or drawer.

  2. Add beautiful liner or contact paper.

  3. Stock with staple gifts, e.g. books, candles, gift cards, and greeting cards.