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Staycation Spot

This is our travel section. There is indeed no place like home. So why not vacation in your own city and enjoy the best your own town has to offer. Growing up, leaving the neighborhood was like taking a vacation for my family. Join me in being a tourist in your own town. Share what you love about your city with our community. Shout out your town, and it may get featured right here in our travel section.

I am a Chicago girl through and through. Having the chance to get home has been more than a great blessing for me this year, it has been like taking a needed prescription for what ails me.

2017 has been a trying year on the political scene. Protests are not dying down anytime soon in this environment of wokeness both here in the U.S. and in other countries. Taking as many mental health breaks as possible is highly recommended. A social media fast often leaves one feeling isolated and disconnected. The solution may be a few steps outside your front door.

Get out and explore. Go talk to strangers who are sure to dispel the myths, stereotypes, and fears that all media thrive on to stay relevant. Exploring Chicago had me walking for miles with a friend, listening to contemporary jazz on the back of a rickshaw, and making new friends with a cool Uber driver.

The food in Chicago is as great as ever from every end of the city. Barbecue at Hecky's in Evanston, the best donuts around in Roseland, and the old faithful, Portillo's has so many locations, you're sure to be covered. What's new in Chicago is actually a New York favorite, Magnolia's Bakery. The cupcakes are not amazing at all, however, the banana pudding is beyond life.

Magnolia's is genius(ly) located in the newer developed area called Block 37. It boasts great indoor shopping and a beautiful AMC dine-in theater that was a long time coming.

The last thing to note about my summer travels are the hotel accommodations. The W Hotel under the SPG brand is always a winner. Hospitality begins and ends here. The Bliss spa, the concierge, the front desk staff, the bartenders and servers have been amazing to this weary travel blogger for over 15 years now. I will force myself to try other places just in case there are some of note, but make no mistake about it. W Hotels are a sure thing every time. Stay tuned.

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